Over three decades of Cooling Solutions

FREEZE TECH Oil chillers play a vital role in a wide range of industries where machining of precision components is crucial and where either water-based coolants or cutting oils have to be delivered at constant low temperatures.

Various machinery like hydraulic presses and die-casting machines are also affected by the increase in hydraulic oil temperatures. This hampers their smooth and efficient running. FREEZE TECH hydraulic oil chillers eliminates this problem by maintaining the hydraulic oil temperature within the required temperature range.

We are custom designed to the specific requirements of each application, bearing in mind that operating temperatures differ and the medium to be cooled varies from water based coolants to cutting oils and hydraulic oils.

Another major factor in choosing the components for an oil chillers is the level of impurities in the cooling medium and the available filtration system . If required we are provided with suitable online filtration systems.

"One chiller cannot not fit all applications" care has to the taken in choosing a number of critical components including the evaporator and the pump. Combining theoretical knowledge with years of practical experience we are a clear step ahead in delivering the required performance always.

There are various types of Evaporators

Tube-in-tube Evaporators

Shell and tube Evaporators

Brazed plain type Evaporators