Industrial Process Cooling Solutions

Freeze Tech Equipments Pvt. Ltd. are experienced campaigners in the field of industrial process cooling solutions with more than 21 years of invaluable experience. The company aims to be a complete solution provider for process cooling problems, with its reputed brand FREEZE TECH

Cooling Solutions

FREEZE TECH manufactures refrigerated Chillers, Oil Coolers, Panel coolers and Special purpose industrial refrigeration/air conditioner process equipments.

Custom Cooling Systems

FREEZE TECH specializes in manufacturing custom chiller unit to fit specific industries with effective water chillers/cooling system that is less expensive and less costly to maintain.


M/s AUTO REF SYSTEM Pvt Ltd was started shortly after FREEZE TECH EQUIPMENTS Pvt Ltd to provide exclusive service for the entire FREEZE TECH range of products

Our Products

Freeze Tech Equipments offers a wide range of products that are unique and designed to handle any cooling problem. The product range includes


FREEZE TECH PROCESS CHILLERS are designed to meet a variety of requirements spread over a wide range of industries where cooling is critical and poor delivery of process liquids can be disastrous.

NO TWO INDUSTRIES HAVE THE SAME REQUIREMENT and virtually every critical process application is an opportunity to showcase our engineering excellence, innovation & adaptability of our product. MODULAR DESIGNS available in air-cooled chillers and water-cooled chillers options and a wide range of capacities allows you to choose a unit which suits your immediate requirement and allow you to add on units based on your increased capacity requirements at a later date. COMPACT SYSTEMS allow you the flexibility of installing the units indoor or outdoor, with the option of in-built tanks or remote tanks & sumps. They can be deployed as primary circulation cooling systems or secondary circulation cooling systems, depending on the process requirement, the fluid to be cooled, filtration systems the temperature requirement, etc.

Oil Chillers

FREEZE TECH Oil chillers play a vital role in a wide range of industries where machining of precision components is crucial and where either water-based coolants or cutting oils have to be delivered at constant low temperatures.

Various machinery like hydraulic presses and die-casting machines are also affected by the increase in hydraulic oil temperatures. This hampers their smooth and efficient running. FREEZE TECH hydraulic oil chillers eliminates this problem by maintaining the hydraulic oil temperature within the required temperature range.

Panel Coolers

FREEZE TECH Panel Coolers maintain a clean environment required in Electronic Control Panel Cabinets using a closed loop design. This ensures locking out of excessive heat caused by high ambient temperatures, moisture and dust.

The clean air, within the Control Panel cabinet, is continuously cooled by the refrigeration system and re-circulated and the required operating temperature can be maintained within the cabinet; thus maintaining a cool, clean, moisture free, environment at all times.

Water Cooled Chillers

Freeze Tech Water Cooled Chillers are generally used in larger capacities and are available with scroll, screw & semi-hermetic compressors. These are the preferred choice for any installation higher than 50 RT (refrigeration tons).

Water cooled chillers use a shell & tube condenser and a cooling tower is required to be installed to provide ambient temperature water to maintain the condenser at the optimum temperature.

Air Cooled Chillers

Freeze Tech Air Cooled Chillers are available in a wide range of models with options of Fin & Tube, Immersed tube, Brazed plate heat exchanger, Tube in tube and shell & tube evaporators The selection of the right model can be made depending on the application & the temperature requirement.

Air cooled chillers are suitable for applications in areas where water quality is bad or water is scarce and eliminates the need for bulky cooling towers and water storage where floor space is limited or costly

Product Gallery

FREEZE TECH is bridging the gap between low supply of top quality process cooling equipment and reasonable pricing by offering best quality products supplemented with reliable service.

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